I Love Really Thin Pancakes

| Sunday, September 12, 2010 | |
"You know, just to put this in there, I had a whole mess of crepes this morning. They're just like pancakes, maybe even better."

So I made crepes for the first time this morning...holy shit what an endeavor that was. I had found two different recipes for them, one sweet and one savory. I went with the sweet one for breakfast this morning. A strawberry filled crepes recipe I got from cooks.com. The crepe itself actually turned out pretty good, but the filling - blech. It was kinda foul, not gonna lie. I'm thinking next time I make these I can fill them with chocolate or Nutella and banana. Healthy, I know...but delicious none the less. If you feel like taking on the task of making crepes, I posted my tweaked version of the original recipe below. Once I try the savory one out (which is a lot less complicated than this one - I mean, I've NEVER beat egg whites to stiff peaks before, perhaps that's the amateur baker in me - check 'em out though...)

I can treat my egg whites just like a "Blizzard"

I will admit that this was an accomplishment for me though...c'mon, french pancakes - awesomeness.


1 1/4 c flour
1/2 t salt
1/4 c sugar
2 c unsweetened almond milk (or soy milk or regular milk)
3 egg yolks
3 egg whites, beaten
1 T Earth Balance (or your choice of buttery spread), melted
1 t lemon juice

1) Beat the egg whites until stiff and set aside.

2) Beat rest of ingredients until smooth. Fold in egg whites (this is a pain in the ass too by the way, but maybe that's just me) It's now ready to cook.

3) Grease a medium size pan. When heated place about 1/4 of batter in the middle of the pan, pick up the pan and tilt/rotate to coat bottom of the pan with the batter. Cook crepe until the top is dry and the bottom is lightly browned. With spatula, flip the crepe and lightly brown the other side (about 30 seconds or so). Grease pan and repeat until all the batter is cooked.

When filling the crepes, add filling to one side of the crepe and roll from the filled side (does that make sense?) and place seam side down on a warm platter until all crepes have been filled.

This is what mine looked like after I filled them and poured strawberry sauce over them...pretty, yet not so yummy.


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