Get to Know Me: A-Z

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So my friend Jasmine's blog (Vegging for Health) featured her very own A-Z. Soooooo...I thought I would do one myself because it looked interesting (and I'm hella bored)!

A. age : Twenty-eight

B. bed size : King

C. chore that you hate : Putting away dishes...I don't mind cleaning them, just hate putting them away

D. dogs : Love them, but they aren't really an option right now with how much I deploy

E. essential start to your day : The snooze button

F. favorite color : Blues

G. gold or silver : Silver...or WHITE gold

H. height : 5'6"..,okay, okay, 5'5" and 3/4

I. instruments you play : That would be none...unless you count being able to play Chopsticks on the piano...or maybe the recorder (you remember those??)

J. job title : Analyst for the USAF (I could tell you the rest, but then I'd have to kill you)

K. kids : Two crazy little boys

L. live : Las Vegas, NV (not by choice...I'm an East Coast girl)

M. maiden name : Kavanagh

N. nicknames : Bells, does Bitch count? Cause I'm usually called that too. :)

O. overnight hospital stays : Only once, when I had the boys

P. pet peeve : hahaha, I actually have a few of these. Inconsiderate/rude people and people who write like this:
"Mannnnnnnnnn Str8 UP They All Da Fucin Same I ant Seein ___ U Tlkin If I Say Dey ____ Den Dats What I Mean N Dnt Do Dat Cuz Mutha___ Dnt ____ Witcha" 
               **Edited for content**

Q. quote : "Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use." ~Earl Nightingale

R. righty or lefty : Righty (but I shoot left handed...if that means anything)

S. siblings : Jesika (R.I.P) & Brad

T. time you wake up : Between 0530 - 0600 M-F, then 0630 - 0700 on weekends I have the boys, and God only knows when when I don't

U. university attended : University of South Florida and the Community College of the Air Force

V. vegetables you dislike: Any type of bell peppers (*gag*)

Very pretty, but very not tasty

W. what makes you run late : My children

X. x-rays you’ve had : My teeth

Y. yummy food : This is hard, I love food. Mediterranean food in general I think (so Spain, Italy, Greece, etc)

Z. zoo animal : Lions and Tigers and Bears (OH MY!)

Oysters Phillippe

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So this recipe has been in my family forever. I've only made them once myself (as I leave it to my dad to make them for me when I'm home - I'm spoiled like that). While they are likely HORRIBLE for your waistline (okay, not likely), your mouth will thank you!

Oysters Phillippe
Makes approx 18 oysters

(There are no measurements for these first ingredients because you are simply sprinkling them over the oysters)

Lemon Juice
Worcestershire Sauce
Butter (okay, so you can't really sprinkle this. Use about 1/8 t per oyster)
Garlic Powder
Parmesan Cheese
Bread Crumbs

** Use washed oyster shells or decorative shells that can be put in the oven. When using decorative shells, spray lightly with cooking spray for easy clean up. Put rock salt on the bottom of a baking dish to keep shells from tipping over**

1. Preheat broiler in oven. Place one raw oyster in each shell. Sprinkle with lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, butter, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese.

2. Broil oysters until they curl. Remove from  broiler and top with a heaping teaspoon of Phillippe's Dressing (see below). Sprinkle with bread crumbs and broil again until lightly brown and bubbly.

Phillippe's Dressing

8 oz cream cheese
4 oz bleu cheese
3/4 c mayonnaise (the original recipe calls for 1 c + 2 T of mayo, but start with 3/4 c and add more, a couple Tbsp at a time, if needed)
1 1/2 t worcestershire sauce

1. Mix all ingredients for dressing together with a hand mixer and leave lumpy.

ENJOY!!! These things are AMAZING! They're nice and creamy and very rich. They make great appetizers too!

Nutrition Info per oyster (approx): Calories: 180, Fat: 15g, Carbs: 5g, Fiber: 0g, Protein: 7g

Blueberry Coffee Cake

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This coffee cake is absolutely amazing. My boyfriend sent me the recipe (from He wanted me to make it and send it to him in Iraq. Being the great girlfriend I am, I obliged. I put it in a plastic container with a piece of bread (that's the trick to keeping baked goods moist when you ship them) and off it went. He loved it (but even if he didn't, it would be totally his fault since he's the one who sent me the recipe - haha). The moistness is from the addition of sour cream, which I like to add to cupcakes too. So, without further ado...

Blueberry Coffee Cake
Serves 12 people

1 c butter
2 c white sugar
2 eggs, room temperature
1 c light sour cream
1 t vanilla extract
1 5/8 c all-purpose flour (that would be 1 1/2 cups + 2 Tbsp)
1 t baking powder
1/4 t salt
1 1/2 c fresh blueberries

1/2 c raw turbinado sugar or brown sugar
1 t ground cinnamon
1 T powdered sugar

1. Preheat oven to 350°. Grease and flour a 9 inch bundt pan.

2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and white sugar until light and fluffy (this will take a few minutes). Beat in the eggs, one at a time, scraping the bowl after each egg. Then blend in the sour cream and vanilla.

3. In another bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients a little at a time (about a 1/4 c) until just blended. Fold in blueberries (gently, you don't want to pop them because then you will end up with purple/blue batter).

4. Spoon half of the batter into prepared pan. In a small bowl combine the raw/brown sugar with the cinnamon and sprinkle half the mixture over the batter in the pan. Spoon remaining batter on top and sprinkle with the rest of the cinnamon sugar mixture. Use a knife, or the like, to "swirl" the cinnamon sugar into the cake.

5. Bake for 55 minutes to an hour, or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool in the pan on a wire rack. Once cool, invert onto a serving platter and dust with powdered sugar.

Shame on me, I forgot to take a pic, so this is courtesy of

Nutrition Info Per Serving (if you REALLY must know. I would personally divert my eyes from this): Calories: 428, Fat: 18g, Carbs: 68g, Fiber: 1g, Protein: 5g