Crock Pot 13 Bean Chili

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Sorry for the looooonnngggg delay in writing. I'm a horrible person, I know...I had a lot going on in my life recently, but I do apologize. ANYWAY - I've been on a "diet" as of late...and I use the quotes cause it's more like a lifestyle change...and have been trying to find or make up tasty recipes that are low in calories. I recently made some delicious 13 bean chili that was SUPER easy to make. It all started because I wanted to use the 13 bean soup mix I had in my pantry...and this is what it became. All you need is a crock pot and a few ingredients. I had to share without further ado:

Serves 20; 1 cup servings

1 (27 oz) package Bob's Red Mill - 13 Bean Soup Mix
1 bunch Green Onions, (7 stalks chopped)
1 (9.8 oz) package Bear Creek Darn Good Chili Mix
1 (12 oz) package Morningstar Farms Grillers Recipe Crumbles
1 (14.5 oz) can Organic Diced Tomatoes (do not drain - you need the juice)
1 cup water

Whatever other seasonings you would like. I started with 1 Tbsp cayenne, 4 Tbsp chili powder, and 2 Tbsp garlic powder, plus salt and pepper.

1) Throw the 13 Bean Soup Mix in a crock pot and cover with water. Add green onion and seasonings. Cook on low for 10 hours.
2) At the 8.5 hour point (when I got home from work), I added the rest of the ingredients and let it finish cooking. Taste and season accordingly.

See? Easy. You could also let it cook the full 10 hours and then put the rest of the ingredients in there. After you throw in the chili mix, it only needs about 45 additional minutes to cook.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Calories: 156; Fat: 1g; Carbs: 29g; Protein: 12g


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