A Veggie Thanksgiving

| Friday, November 26, 2010 | |
I ALMOST forgot...(which I happen to do quite often...it's a weakness)...I finally tried that Quorn Turk'y Roast for Thanksgiving. I figured it was a perfect opportunity since the boys would be with their father for Thanksgiving and I would be by myself (sad isn't it?)

My Thanksgiving meal (mostly)

Upon opening the box I see a log o' turk'y (I guess?) wrapped in plastic with metal tied ends...similar to that of a giant sausage....only stumpier. I cooked it according to the main package directions because I didn't have one of those plastic turkey bags on hand...okay and I won't lie...also because I'm lazy.  To cook it the lazy man (er, person?) way you leave it in the plastic, poke a few holes in it, throw it in an oven safe dish, and cook it in the oven for 45 minutes from frozen. Sooo...I kinda followed directions, as I usually do...and dissolved a chick'n bouillon cube in water with a little seasoning and poured it over top of the roast. When it was done I took it out, carefully (as the package instructs) cut the metal ends off and peeled off the plastic. I cut into the turk'y, a feat that was surprisingly easy, and produced four small medallions of fake turkey deliciousness (I mean, it has to be tasty right?) I would like to say that the clouds parted and the heavens shown down up upon me as soon as I took that first magnificent bite...but alas...they did not. It turned out okay. I mean...it had that meaty texture...but didn't quite taste like turkey (at least how I remember turkey tasting). It wasn't bad really...but not stellar. Think about it as being slightly softer than a hot dog in texture...and tastes a little like dry, slightly bland turkey. A tad flavorful...but not an over the top wow. I guess that's good because it didn't overpower the gravy (the real star) and meshed well with everything on my plate. Not something you would eat alone, but as background to something better (like...the gravy). I think if you used option two of the cooking directions (remove roast from package, baste in herbs & olive oil, place in plastic turkey bag, and bake for something like 75 minutes) it would turn out much better. I think sliced thin it could still go on sandwiches well...you never really taste the turkey as much as the accompaniments anyway.

From the Quorn website...I suppose you could make it look like this if you TRIED and weren't lazy like me

Also among my Thanksgiving fare was the Tofurkey gravy...and let me tell you...this SAVED Thanksgiving! :) This stuff was delicious. It was a mushroom gravy with "giblets." Really the "giblets" didn't do much, texture or flavor wise...but the gravy was very thick, rich, and bursting with mushroom flavor. I served this over everything. It went very well with the turk'y and my mashed potatoes. I will definitely buy this again, Thanksgiving or not. 

Last, but DEFINITELY not least...the pie...OH the cherry pie!! That had to have been the most delicious cherry pie EVER! It was from Wholly Wholesome and was vegan, which is nice. According to package directions you're supposed to either brush it with milk or egg (both of which I don't have) OR a mixture of sugar dissolved in boiling water...well...I don't use sugar either (damn)...BUT I did have agave syrup, sooooooo that's what I used! I swirled it in some boiling water and brushed it on top of the pie. It cooked for about an hour and when it came out...oh....this is when the clouds parted and the heavens shone down upon my kitchen. Take a look for yourself...it was magical. Although, this isn't something you could have around all the time...1/6 of the pie will cost you 320 calories...but at Thanksgiving (and yes, this will be at Christmas too) it's worth it!!

Yeah...I ate that much...total fat assery I know...

So all in all Thanksgiving wasn't so bad...two out of the three items I would definitely eat again. That's a lie...I will probably try the Quorn product again (I'm a Quorn whore...what can I say) I'll just try a different method of cooking it. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Now it's on to planning Christmas...with my omni parents coming...who want to fry a turkey...what to do, what to do...maybe fried Turk'y?? (HA, joke) We shall see...


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