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So I realized that I boast about Quorn products alot...but never have a I really explained what they're made out of. I suppose I have not done so because sometimes when you explain what something is made of people will turn their noses up at it before they've even tried it (*cough* Chris *cough*cough*). Okay, so Quorn products, as I've mentioned before, are not made of soy. They are actually made of....wait for it....a type of fungi (mmmm, appetizing right?). Yes, that is correct. Gross to think about, but there are things we already eat that are a type of fungus, like mushrooms or even the coveted truffles.  From their website:

Okay, so lets see...it's a high quality protein that contains nine essential amino acids and actually has a higher Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) than beef. It also has more fiber per serving than a baked potato, brown rice, or bread. Hmmm...sounds pretty good to me. It's also low fat and calories? I can handle that.

The downside to Quorn products is that they aren't vegan. They do contain egg and are processed in a facility that handles dairy. Some of their products also contain wheat, so if you have a gluten allergy you should read the label carefully (which you probably have to do with all foods anyway).

So yeah...it's made from fungus grown in a lab. Just thought I'd throw it out there so people would know what they're eating. I've never gotten sick from from it, it's still pretty damn tasty, and really...who cares where it comes from if it's that good for you? I would still it eat it over beef treated with rBGH (that would be the bovine growth hormone) or I guess beef in general...or any other of the genetically modified foodstuff that's out there (really how would we know though, its not like they're having to label it as such - ain't that a bitch?)

Bottom line...it's tasty. Try it...you may just be surprised.


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