Hooray for Costumes

| Wednesday, October 6, 2010 | |
So my wig for my costume came in today and I'm psyched!! So psyched in fact that I didn't bother changing out of my uniform before I tried it on!! I plan on being Princess Peach this Halloween. My boys will be Mario & Luigi and my boyfriend will be Bowser - well, as good as you can be Bowser without a costume. You know they don't make Bowser costumes? Or Princess Daisy costumes for that matter...go figure. My dog Colby will be Yoshi...I'm gonna use that washable colored hair spray and spray paint him green. Do you think that's animal abuse? I'm pretty sure it'll wash out...although Colby IS mostly white...so may he might stay green for a little while. AH...oh well. I'm still gonna do it. Stay posted for the full ensemble...only 25 more days until Halloween!!


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