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So I watched the VMAs last night...please tell me why the hell Lady Gaga was wearing a dress made of meat?? I mean...really? Ya know, I thought it was maybe just fabric or something...but no, it was real flesh. I understand she wants to make a "statement" that she (along with others) should not be viewed as a piece of meat...but did you really need to do it like that? And then asking Cher to hold her "meat purse." Foul.

Yep...real meat - no imitations here

This is the site she got the hat from (maybe the dress as well?)
Okay, so this is an actual Seriously? So other people "enjoy" wearing hats made of meat too? I just don't get it. What is the allure in wearing greasy, dead animal flesh on you? Even if I was a carnivore, I still wouldn't wear this. It's disgusting. I really don't understand people. You think maybe someone could "enlighten" me??


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