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| Saturday, September 18, 2010 | |
It's exactly 1 month and 13 days from HALLOWEEN!! Yes, I'm counting down. Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday EVER! Chris and I have already planned on a trip to Knott's Scary Farm. Yes, the scary part is right - they have a huge Halloween celebration starting Sept 24th through 31 October. Mazes, scare zones...evil clowns (I HATE clowns - especially the creepy clown doll from Dead Silence - did I mention I hate dolls too?) will be glorious.

Horrible movie, but this was CREEPY, CREEPY, CREEPY

Check out THESE other scary ass, evil clowns of horror

But yeah, so, I've dressed up pretty much every year since I was born (and have the pictures to prove it)...the only time I was unable to dress up was this past year because I was in Iraq (hella LAME.) I love decorating the house...even more so than at Christmas. I already started putting up decorations (is it kinda early??) and have started buying stuff to create a cemetery in my front yard (oh, I will definitely post pics). I even bought costumes for my boys already. They're gonna be Mario and Luigi - hilarious!! Of course I had to try the costumes on them - it was the funniest thing ever in life. A great place to go is Spirit Halloween. They pretty much have everything from costumes to decorations. They even have creepy zombie kids and scary ass, evil clowns (did I mention I hate clowns?) this year. Happy Early Halloween...

Yeah, this was 2 years ago - at 25...sad isn't it? haha


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